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Coating Services

Known as pioneers in this field, we are providing our valued clients with coating services of the highest calibre.

Water Based Polyurethane Wall Coating

It has gloss, fade resistant, polyurethane hygienic wall coating, which is resistant to mold & fungus growth. Withstands repeated washing with detergents and disinfectants etc. These Coatings are most suitable for the running plants due to odorless. This Food & Beverage Wall Coating also confirms FDA requirements.

Chemical Resistance Tank Coating

Chemical Resistant Coatings:

These coating also known as anti – corrosive coating for     concrete & metal surface

which are subject to the corrosive elements like acids, alkali etc. The various processing

tanks, storage vassals such as fermentation tanks in beverage industry, digester tank

in extraction unit,The acid & alkali storage tanks in chemical & other industries. These

coatings use epoxies of chemical resistant grade and polyurethane as top coat in some

cases which applied over vertical horizontal surfaces of concrete & metal substrate.

Polyurethane Wall Coating

Polyurethane Coating: This product and service found its scope in food, pharmaceutical industry mainly due to its unique features like jointless monolithic wall coating does not allow to grow bacteria and easy to clean and to maintain hygiene in drug production area, which is mandatory for pharmaceutical units those are certified by HACCP, GMP. Other than the pharmaceutical units these product service found its scope in all other industries like automotive and ancillaries, Marine, food & beverage, engineering, electronics and chemical industry for floor and other concrete and metal surfaces, these coatings have variety of application area due to its ultraviolet (UV) resistant capacity these coating also applied for open atmospheric areas where surface directly come in to contact with sunlight, rain shower and other pollutants. There are waterborne and solvent based PU system available which applied over vertical horizontal surfaces of stone, tile, concrete, Metal, Wood etc. 

Food Grade Epoxy Coating

Food Grade Epoxy Coating: 

The food industry as well pharmaceutical units use such coating 

(to replace stainless steel large vassal which are costlier and 

difficult to fabricate) for processing and storage tank of food stuff 

and solution like drinking water, edible oils, wheat flour, sorbitol, 

beer and other beverages

These coatings mostly adopt epoxy systems which are free from

 toxic substances and heavy metals like lead, arsenic. Which are 

tested and certified by the food regulation authorities. These 

coatings are safe even the foods which are directly in contact with them.